Preprints with peer review

EGU has established the so-called interactive public peer review in 2001 which has been applied to almost all EGU journals. So far, this process has involved posting authors' manuscripts as preprints on the journals' discussion forums for public peer review in form of invited referee comments (RC), author comments (AC), editor comments (EC), and comments from the scientific community. The latter have been called short comments (SC) so far but will be renamed to community comments (CC) in summer 2020.

Starting in summer 2020, authors intending to receive a public peer review for a possible later acceptance and publication in EGU's topical journals can decide whether their manuscript preprint is posted on the discussion forums or on EGUsphere. As for the discussion forums, preprints on EGUsphere will be open for community comments, author comments, and, due to the request for peer review, for comments from referees and editors. The peer-review completion after public discussion on EGUsphere and a possible publication of a journal article will then take place in the selected EGU topical journal. EGUsphere preprints are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (CC BY 4.0).

Preprints with access review only

From summer 2020, EGU will provide the opportunity for geoscientists to post preprints on EGUsphere without the intention to receive a full public peer review and a possible later journal publication. Such preprints will be screened by EGU before public posting to ensure that the content meets basic standards of scientific quality, adheres to conventional standards of civil discourse and common decency, and is neither unlawful nor abusive. The preprints are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (CC BY 4.0) and are open to comments by the community (CC) and the authors (AC).

EGU's Code of Conduct

Participating in EGUsphere on abstracts, presentations, preprints, or commenting implies that anyone adheres to EGU's Code of Conduct.